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Go Ahead, Make a Mess

Go ahead, make a mess. There’s bound to be a disaster. This is life. It is not a guaranteed affair. My one prayer for you is not that you will have it easy all the time. No, that would indeed be a curse. That’s not to say that ease must be hard-won – no, ease is our birthright. But this is life and life is messy. There’s bound to be discomfort, disaster, disarray, dis-ease. Go ahead – get on with it. No use waiting around for the perfect time, perfect balance, perfect temperature, perfect anything. My prayer for you is that you will have someone (and perhaps many) to hold your broomstick while you collapse in your own mess – a heap of despair and tragedy. My prayer for you isn’t that someone will clean it up for you, but to wait with you, help you sort through some of the salvageables. My prayer for you is that someone will sing to you – sing with you, and watch the brokenness reform into new life. My prayer for you isn’t that this life is guaranteed; it’s that this gift is savored and unwrapped again and again.


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