Soulwork & Energy Healing – a Deeper Look

Soul work and energy healing get to the root of disharmonies within one’s being to transform unhelpful energies into power and blessing. I work in the shamanic healing tradition to skillfully reunite people with their core essence and power that has been lost due to trauma and the stress of modern life.

The traditional shamanic term for lost power is “soul loss,” and the traditional term for reuniting with one’s power is “soul retrieval.” Soul loss is the experience of part of one’s core essence (power) being obscured by various forms of trauma. Soul retrieval is having obscurations transformed so that one’s power and true essence can be fully accessed.

When a physical, emotional, or psychological trauma occurs aspects of one’s soul can fragment. This can feel like an out-of-body experience during an accident, surgery, or shock (such as losing a loved one). The resulting vacuum that is created pulls the trauma’s vibration (sorrow, anger, violence, fear, etc) into one’s field – and often body – creating disharmony and distress within one’s being. Trauma and stress may create an immediate or gradual disharmony within. Soul loss can manifest as chronic illness or ongoing feelings of sadness, fear, anger, low self worth, anxiety, and so on.

During a soul retrieval the vibrations from traumatic experiences are healed and transformed. Old stories, fears, judgments, shame, and grief lift as space opens for one’s true essence to return. With this return comes greater personal power and a truer alignment with one’s highest soul expression for peaceful, loving, and joyful relationships and circumstances. Passion, engagement with life, and a richer experience of the beauty in our world returns.

Though the healing occurs instantaneously, the effects can take time to observe and feel. Your transformation may be subtle or dramatic – either way is profound. There are many ways we can lose parts of our vital essence. Fortunately soul retrieval is the “spiritual medicine” that re-members a person back into wholeness. We are never broken – we may become fragmented and feel scattered, yet there is always a path to sovereignty and access our full power and gifts.

Q & A

What is energy healing? >>> Energy (also know as chi, prana, life force) needs tending just like our physical body needs care. Energy work helps restore harmony within a person and alignment to their soul’s true expression. Life here on earth can be difficult and dicey at times, and regular care of the non-physical bodies (emotional, mental, and spiritual – aka the auara or energetic field) is essential for a happier, peaceful, truer life. By unblocking areas of stagnation and calming areas of hyperactivity, energy healing tends to the root of one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

What is Shamanism? >>> Shamanism is a gift that humanity shares. There are many cultural forms of shamanism, both ancient and modern, and each works in the unseen realm of spirit to bring about transformation for individual and collective healing. Shamanism is not a religion – it is a system for cultivating wellbeing and sovereignty within ourselves and our communities.

How is it possible to have a remote session? >>> The soul occupies the energetic/spirit realm and it isn’t necessary to be in the same physical space. Working remotely is possible because energy is not location dependent.

What should I expect in a remote session and do I need to do anything? >>> Expect to feel relaxed during a remote energy healing session. You may experience waves of emotion passing through as the healing work is being performed, so it’s best to be somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can lay down and be at ease. You do not need to do anything – just relax and allow any emotions or physical sensations you may feel to simply pass on by without judgment or concern. You might even fall asleep, which is perfectly fine! After a session you can expect to feel rested, rejuvenated, and at peace.

How do I know it worked? >>> Energy healing changes your relationship to the problem (whether its physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). Fears, judgments, shame, and grief will be shifted – you will feel different. Though the healing occurs instantaneously, the effects can take time to observe. Your transformation may be subtle or dramatic – either way is profound.

What are some other causes of soul loss? >>> Sometimes a person is not aware of the cause of their soul loss and feels a loss of core power. It may simply feels like one is missing an important part of themselves or that one is not quite whole. Obvious trauma isn’t the only way one can experience soul loss. Sometimes as children we willingly give soul parts away to parents, teachers, or friends for a variety of reasons. Soul loss can occur from a relationship ending, or over time as a kind of erosion from being bullied or in an unhealthy relationship.

Hello, I’m Marissa

For the past seven years I have been immersed in the study of healing the heart, mind, and soul through various modalities.

Spirit has lead me down many paths. My studies began when I apprenticed with a master herbalist in traditional herbal folk medicine. I then studied with shamanic practitioner and teacher, Anne Drake who initiated me into the Unani healing tradition after completing a two year course of study and mentorship.

As a lifelong student of plant medicine, shamanism, and the healing arts, my work weaves together eclectic esoteric motifs with deep compassion and gratitude for life.  

I don’t like calling myself a shamanic practitioner or healer – I think those terms are fraught with a lot of modern cultural baggage and contention. For now I like the term “worker” because my job is to work on this side of the portal – the land of the living and in the physical realm – and to travel skillfully to the realms of spirit on your behalf. Life in a human suit can be difficult and dicey. I’m here to offer you compassionate guidance on your path so you may life in full bloom – full wonder, beauty, vitality, and joy.

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